A sustainable world fed and preserved through bioconversion

Agronutris is a French biotechnology company specialized in the rearing and processing of black soldier fly larvae into proteins for food. With more than 12 years of R&D, Agronutris relies on a team of entomology experts and agri-food specialists to develop high-quality products that meet the challenges of population growth.

  • environmentally, because we offer sustainable solutions to feed animals and nourrish the soil.
  • socially, because we are a company with shared governance that has genuinely placed people at the heart of its collective adventure.

The mission-driven company status was introduced in 2019 in French laws: it enables companies to adopt a “raison d’être” that includes consideration of the social, societal and environmental impacts of their activities. The aim is to combine economic performance with a contribution to the general interest.

Since the beginning, Agronutris has made sustainability the backbone of its adventure. The company became a company with a mission in 2021. Its 4 commitments are set out in its articles of association:

  • Developing an innovative agri-food industry, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional protein source
  • Building a fair and sustainable business model that places people at the heart of its values
  • Creating sustainable relationships with our partners, based on sharing, transparency and trust
  • Implementing a circular economic model by monitering its impacts, in particular energy consumption, the recovery of all its co-products and by-products, and the recovery of food waste