Our Products


Ultra’in is our protein-rich solution for animal nutrition.
Made of dehydrated and defatted black soldier fly larvae,
our insect meal has a highly qualitative nutritional profile that can meet animal nutrition needs.

Its high rate of proteins and its comprehensive essential amino acid profile makes it
a real sustainable alternative to fishmeal in Aquaculture.

Ultra’in also addresses the needs of companion animals.
Thanks to its essential amino acid profile similar to the one
observed in eggs and its high digestibility and palatability,
Ultra’in is ideal for dogs and cats.

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Liboost is obtained through the defatting process applied on the larvae.
This lipidic concentrate is particularly rich in lauric acid (dodecanoic acid),
a saturated fatty acid. Since it is easily digestible and because
it shows interesting natural antimicrobial qualities,
lauric acid has a strong advantage in pet nutrition and health.

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Fairtil is an organic fertilizer that can be used in organic farming.
It is a natural product made from the faeces of our black soldier fly larvae.
This solution is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and
offers the nutritive elements needed for the growth of your crops, while
limiting the environmental impact due to the use of chemical fertilizers.

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Thanks to our history and to the ISO 22000 certification, obtained in 2015, we have implemented an efficient Quality policy, allowing us to easily and efficiently organize our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP), and to apply to GMP+ certification for all our sites.

Concretely, our policy involves:

1. The implementation of a contaminant monitoring plan for raw materials and finished products based on internal risk analysis
2. The implementation of microbiological monitoring and control plans
3. The training of staff in Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), in good manufacturing practices and in animal nutrition issues
4. The implementation of an internal quality system compatible with GMP+ standards
5. The set-up of evolving monitoring plans in order to ensure a sustainable quality finished product