At a time when the world is undergoing profound change and the quest for meaning has become essential in today’s society, Agronutris is offering its employees the chance to get on board on a collective adventure, with shared governance, that places people at the very heart of its project.

Its organisation has been completely rethought to create democratic spaces of freedom, co-construction and trust. Pyramid-like hierarchical systems have been replaced by a neural and agile project-based organization that encourages individual and collective fulfilment.

A sustainable world fed and preserved through bioconversion
Diagram of sustainable world principles and bioconversion.

Setting up of the company
Set-up of the R&D team and first tests – Focus on human food


Creation of the 1st R&D pilot dedicated to insects in Europe at Saint-Orens-de-Gameville (Occitanie)


Authorisation by the European Union for the use of insect proteins for the aquaculture and pet food markets


Strategic pivot – Focus on animal feed


Fundraising of €100m
Launch of the project to build the first factory in Rethel (Eastern France)


Opening of the 1st industrial production site in Rethel


Major partnerships signed with Biomar and Frayssinet


B Corp™ certification obtained
GMP+ certification obtained