Our Activity

Created in 2011, Agronutris is a French biotech company
specialized in rearing and transforming insects into proteins for animal nutrition.
Made up of experts in entomology and specialists from the Agro-Industry, our
team aims to offer highly qualitative products for the
aquaculture and petfood markets.


Agronutris has a unique experience in insect rearing since 2011.
Our team dedicated to R&D has a cumulative experience
of more than 40 years. The team has been reinforced by agro-industrial experts
who have operated companies and plants of significant scale.

In our pilot, we have conducted research on up to nine insect species
and have reared three of them to a significant scale:

Gryllodes sigillatus
The Cricket

Tenebrio molitor
The Mealworm

Hermetia illucens
The Black Soldier Fly

Thanks to its ability to feed on a wide spectrum of byproducts and its particularly
fast growing cycle, the black soldier fly is highly competitive. This is why, after an accurate evaluation,
we have chosen to dedicate this latter species to animal feed.

We have acquired a significant know-how on both the biological (mating, egg laying, hatching, larval growth,
metamorphosis,…) and technical rearing conditions (temperature, hygrometry, density, air treatment,…) related to this species.

This strong expertise in understanding insect biology allows us to
fully take advantage of the bioconversion potential of our larvae,
and as a result, obtain final products meeting the
nutritional needs of Aquaculture species and pets.




Implementation of the R&D team and first trials – First focus on human nutrition


Implementation of the first European R&D pilot


ISO 22000 certification, first in the global insect industry


Authorization to use insect proteins for the Aquaculture and Petfood markets in the European Union


Strategic move – Focus on animal nutrition


Securing of raw materials and site selection for the first industrial-scale plant


Fundraising of 100 million euros in September 2021


Launch of the building of our first industrial plant in Rethel


Les sites Agronutris

Our Pilot Laboratory in Saint-Orens (Occitanie – France)

Our headquarter and pilot laboratory dedicated to R&D are located in

Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, near Toulouse, in the south-west of France.


Our First Plant in Rethel (Grand Est – France)

In 2022, our first industrial plant will be set-up in Rethel, in the north-east

of France. This location has been selected based on a significant

presence of byproducts that can be converted into proteins.