Jean-Marc Nozeran appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board of Agronutris

Publié le : 2023/09/27

Agronutris, a French biotechnology company specialising in the rearing and processing of insects for food, has appointed Jean-Marc Nozeran as Chairman of its Advisory Board.

Jean-Marc Nozeran’s experience is fully in line with Agronutris’ desire to achieve industrial excellence by placing human dynamics at the heart of its strategy. His nomination comes whereas the company is continuing to grow, with a second plant located right next to its first unit, creating one of the largest industrial sites in the world dedicated to insect proteins.

“Jean-Marc Nozeran, with his extensive experience in an industry as demanding as the automotive industry, his humility and his visceral attachment to a new generation of agile companies based on trust, is the ideal person for an adventure like ours.” – Mehdi Berrada, co-founder of Agronutris.

“I am very honoured to have been asked by the Agronutris team and its investors to be Chairman of the Board. For me, Agronutris is a company with all the qualities and collective intelligence to become a leader in its field. Its mission to “Nourish and Preserve” touches on my deepest values. I’ve long been aware of Mehdi’s commitment to create a company whose mission is harmoniously aligned with the development of the people who make it up and the ‘care’ of its entire environment. His ‘enlightened’ humanism is contagious! Over the last 5 years, I’ve also got to know the Agronutris team and its passionate creators. It’s a real pleasure to be able to follow them more closely and make my own contribution to this adventure.” – Jean-Marc Nozeran.

More about Jean-Marc Nozeran

Jean-Marc Nozeran is a graduate engineer from Supaéro engineering school. For 30 years, he held various positions at Continental Automotive, most notably as President of the French subsidiary (€1.8 billion, 5,000 people) and as General Manager of Western Europe division (€2.3 billion, 8,000 employees).

As certified coach since 2012, Jean- Marc Nozeran supports the transformation of companies to achieve global performance, towards Agile models based on Meaning, Trust and Acting Together. He created the “Team-Pact” network of former managers who have become coach-accompaniers for companies undergoing from SMEs to international groups.