Agronutris releases its first mission-led company report

Publié le : 2024/05/14

Agronutris, the French biotech company specialising in rearing and transforming black soldier flies into proteins for the food industry, is pleased to announce the release of its first mission report as the first mission-led company in the insect sector. This confirms Agronutris’ commitment to a more sustainable world, in both environmental and human terms.

Mission-led company since 2021, Agronutris moved into the industrial phase of its development in 2023, with the commissioning of its production site in Rethel (Ardennes – France). Following on from this decisive step, the company is releasing its first mission report. Awarded B Corp™ company in January this year, Agronutris joins 99 committed companies that are both Mission-led Companies and B Corp™-labelled, confirming its proactive approach to environmental, social, and societal impact issues [1].

In this report, Agronutris assesses the progress made in 2023 through the prism of the four statutory objectives that define it as a mission-led company:
● To develop an innovative agri-food chain to offer a sustainable alternative to other proteins.
● To build a fair and sustainable business model that places people at the heart of is values.
● To go for sustainable relationships with its partners, based on sharing, transparency, and trust.
● To implement a circular economic model while monitoring its impacts.

Cassandre Kaufmann, member of the Mission Committee and in charge of CSR at Agronutris – “At Agronutris, we have made sustainability the backbone of our collective
adventure. Becoming a mission-led company was an obvious choice as soon as the PACTE law was enacted. The Mission Committee enables us to take a step back from our day-to-day actions and structure our efforts more effectively. Personally, I’m proud to be part of a company that is innovative in every way, where people and the planet are at the
heart of our decisions
Pauline de Saint Front, Chairman of Cabinet de Saint Front, independent third-party consultant in charge of the company’s independent audit – “The quality of Agronutris as a
mission -led company is supported by the top management and the whole team, many actions are being implemented and the statutory objectives are being met. To go further, Agronutris needs to continue structuring its mission and prioritising actions

Among the targets achieved, or even exceeded, by 2023:

5.4% of payroll dedicated to training to enable every employee to develop professionally and personally. A multi-year training programme in non-violent communication has thus been introduced for all employees.
A gender pay gap of 2.9% only, the objective of this measurement is to ensure equal pay for men and women. Pay transparency, which has been in place at Agronutris since 2021, has been a key driver in achieving this objective.
● According to the results of Agronutris’ first Life Cycle Analysis*, the production of one tonne of BSF larvae flour emits 1.1 tonnes of CO2 eq, i.e. a carbon footprint 30 times smaller than beef and 3 times smaller when compared to soya concentrate. [*LCA is a standardised evaluation method used to quantify the environmental impact of a product]
Signing long-term contracts – 9.8 years on average – with our main customers and suppliers, to enable us to build trust-based relationships with our partners.

The Mission Committee now has 5 members, including three people from outside the company.

Read bellow the full mission report (in French), including key figures:

[1] Source: 2023 barometer of mission-led companies Observatory (Observatoire des Sociétés à Mission)