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Agronutris and Frayssinet are studying the opening of an organic fertilizer factory in the Grand Est

Publié le : 2023/03/29

Two companies from the Occitanie region, Agronutris located in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville (31) and Frayssinet based in Rouairoux (81), have entered into exclusive negociations to build a site for the production of innovative fertilizers in the Grand Est region, in Rethel (08).

After being brought together by the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster, Agronutris – specializing in insect rearing and transformation – and Frayssinet – specializing in the production of organic fertilizers – signed a research agreement in June 2020. The results of this initial work confirmed that insect excrement, or “fras”, produced naturally by the insects bred by Agronutris, offered proven fertilizing properties while being compatible with an industrial fertilizer production tool.

This led the two companies to sign an exclusive contract for the supply of breeding frass, which will allow them to valorize the 16,000 tons of frass produced annually by Agronutris at its industrial site in Rethel, in the Ardennes (08). The first deliveries started at the end of 2022 and will allow Frayssinet to offer a new range of products that should be available for the next campaign, in the third quarter of 2023.

Wishing to go even further in their partnership, the two companies have entered into exclusive negotiations to build a site for the production of innovative fertilizers in the Grand Est, in close proximity to Agronutris’ Rethel plant, and to establish a Research & Development unit dedicated to the agronomic valorization of insect frass. Frayssinet’s commercial company will be responsible for distributing the products from this future plant.

The agriculture of the future requires all stakeholders in the industry to collaborate in rethinking production systems. The production of organic fertilizers developed in France and Europe represents one of the key levers for meeting the ambitious goals of the Green Deal and making agricultural systems more sustainable and resilient. To meet these objectives, an increase in production capacity is necessary. And that is why the teams from Agronutris and Frayssinet have joined forces. With a shared long-term vision, the two companies originating from Occitanie are in discussions to collaborate on future installations.

“We are very proud of the outcome of this partnership with Frayssinet, which will allow Agronutris to qualify its nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium source product and extract its agronomic value. This project is perfectly in line with our ambition to develop a more just and sustainable food industry, in trust with our partners, since it allows for an additional flow to be reintegrated into the industry, making it more circular.” Cédric Auriol, co-founder of Agronutris.

“Frayssinet’s ambition is to continue its industrial development by offering efficient and sustainable solutions to supply its customers in France & Europe, meeting future commercial and environmental requirements. The partnership with Agronutris addresses these challenges.” Romain Frayssinet, CEO of Frayssinet.